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As technology usage in education has skyrocketed, so has the need to gain a deeper understanding of how technology is utilized – both inside and outside of the classroom. GoGuardian’s 2018 Benchmark Report provides an inside look into online student engagement and browsing patterns. The report analyzes the aggregate device usage of 5 million K-12 students across the country.


  • Provide K–12 IT Admins information to help support the decision making of implementing GoGuardian in their schools

  • Deliver information that is relevant and will keep the user engaged

  • Distill a large amount of data into chunks that gives an overview of the challenges schools are seeing now

  • Increase sales leads


The report was broken down into four sections. Each one would be published with an email blast and social media post announcing its availability. The user would be able to opt in to receive notifications when a new section of the report would be ready. The end result would an e-book that would help increase sales leads.


Designed with Kari Neuberger

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Phase One

G Suite for Education


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Phase Two

Educational sites & web apps


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Phase Three

Device usage at school and home


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Phase Four

Chromebook Usage & Filtering


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Overall, the report was a success. Insights proved to be very helpful to the core audience, but also reveled how much we still do know in regards to student behavior, technology and the overall effect it has. A good example of how this report could have gone further would be to analyze the difference between urls students visited against portal urls schools and districts have accounts with. This would increase the understanding and motivations behind why they ranked so high or low in the study.


On average, emails resulted in 25% open rate and a 2.6% engagement. This proved our initial thinking that this information is relevant to our core personas.

Social Media

Among those who were highly engage on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest) were teachers. How they received this report was very different from how IT Admins saw it. Teachers felt that much of what students were doing on their devices didn’t qualify as “learning resources” but rather games. Other saw it as reflective and as an opportunity to refocus their classrooms.

Qualified Leads

As of May 2018, 12 confirmed leads have been identity as a direct result of this report.