Promo Ads

At the bottom of Prime Now’s landing page are three images. These images are promotional in nature and aid the user to categories within the Prime Now marketplace. 


  • No variations between categories 

  • Little contrast between promotions

  • User feels that placements are an afterthought


Users were surveyed and interviewed to gain insight into how they perceived and would engage with these placements. Data was also taken into consideration for how ofter users would scroll to the bottom of the page and if they would engage with one of the three placements.


After surveying users and analyzing click throughs, it was clear that these placements needed to connect more organically and holistically to the overall flow of the page. First step was to develop a cadence to define what should occupy each section and how they were to be visually represented. Based on stakeholder goals, three group were identified, CO-OP partners, Third Party Vendors, and Retail Operations. Each would get they’re own visual design that aligns with their respected brand, product offering, and promotion. This would allow for for users to make better selections to products and promotions rather than ambiguous category selections.

CO-OP Partner Creative

Third Party (3P) creative

Retail Operations

Final Solution